Here are just some of the ways you could help:


  • Use your writing talents to help YAI secure grant funding
  • Serve as an ambassador to the community, promoting YAI’s work
  • Coordinate sponsorship opportunities for local businesses
  • Plan exciting family and community events
  • Design or maintain Internet communications
  • Visit schools to help inform students and teachers
  • Teach your skills to interested young artists
  • Assist with specific production needs (costuming, sets, lights, sound)
  • Provide thoughtful leadership and guidance to the organization
  • And much, much more!


Send us an e-mail at


Performing and Visual Arts Teachers Wanted


Do you have a passion for the arts? Whether it’s acting, film making, painting, sculpting, improvisation, weaving, photography, dance or another visual or performing arts, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is an enthusiasm to pass your specific craft on to a new generation of young artists. If this sounds like you, come join us to help create a rare learning opportunity for every child!


The Young Artists Initiative (YAI) is looking for arts teachers for our Fall/Winter Class schedule. The YAI offers arts education and performance opportunities for youth in the Twin Cities. We strive to provide quality arts education at affordable prices. This is achieved through a large volunteer base of community members and professional artists. We also rely on the financial support of corporate and individual donations. We believe that arts education should be accessible to ALL youth regardless of their race, religion or economic status.


The Young Artists Initiative provides arts teachers with opportunities to teach their skills to up and coming young artists. We are an innovative education institution that offers great flexibility and freedom to it’s teachers. If you have a class that you would like to propose, simply submit your class idea, how often you want to meet and the age group that you wish to focus on. Your class can be a one day workshop or one that runs over several weekends or evenings. When your initial proposal is approved, you then would meet with us to establish a tuition fee and develop a strategy to help make the course a success. Lastly, your course will be included on our website as well as in our Fall/Winter brochure. Your teaching fee is based on a percentage of the tuition/enrollment for the class, the other portion roles back into YAI to help cover operating costs and for student scholarships.


Submit resumes/ cover letters/ proposals to

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